Baseline Activity

What is baseline activity?

Your baseline activity is the BARE MINIMUM activity you want to accomplish each day to keep you in momentum. If at any point during this training you feel overwhelmed, simply complete your baseline activity which is doing at least 2 EXPOSURES PER DAY. By completing these daily assignments, you’ll be encouraged to grow your list and be introduced to different tools and approaches designed to help you grow your business. Stretch yourself to complete as many as you can.

If at ANY TIME you feel overwhelmed, come back to THIS ASSIGNMENT and AT LEAST DO 2 EXPOSURES for the day. An exposure is classified when someone actually reviews some information (video / zoom / 3way call / etc.).

Below is a simple & effective approach to use.

1️⃣ I have something important I’d like to SHOW you.

2️⃣ You MAY OR MAY NOT be interested.

3️⃣ And it’ll only take a FEW MINUTES.

4️⃣ IF I sent you a short video to review, WOULD YOU check it out and give me your feedback?


Great. Here it is. Can you check it out now?
View here: Please send me a thumbs up 👍 when you’re done.


1️⃣ Have you had a chance to complete the video yet?


2️⃣ Great, what did you like most?


3️⃣ Wonderful! I felt the same way. So THE NEXT STEP IS …


📹 (VIDEO) … to show you how it all really works. If I sent you additional info. going through the details, how soon will you be able to review it? It’s only 19 minutes.

⬇ 19min video ⬇
Click to view video here:

📞 (3WAY) … to get you on the line with one of the partners. They’ll answer some of your questions, and if everything goes well, they may invite you to the next step in the process. But that’ll be entirely up to them. Fair enough?

👥 (ZOOM / LIVE EVENT) … are you able to make yourself available by phone/zoom TIME & DATE? There will be a Private Zoom / info. session allowing you to hear how this all really works, see the impact we’re having, and have some of your questions answered by some of the Partners who have some very inspiring stories.

Can you make TIME & DATE work?

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